Customize Your WooCommerce
Make Your Life Easier with PimpMyWoo

Start customizing the way your WordPress WooCommerce shop looks without writing any code! No CSS / HTML / PHP / JavaScript skills are required.

PimpMyWoo Features

Loaded with options and ready to serve some of the most wanted customizing requirements for WooCommerce!

Works with any WordPress theme

It works with virtually ANY Wordpress theme (free or paid), but it requires WooCommerce plugin ;)

No programming skills required

You don't need to know any HTML / CSS / PHP / JavaScript. PimpMyWoo will do the hard work for you

Thousands of possibilities

You can customizw buttons, bandges, colors, backgrounds, borders, line heights, titles, etc.

Extremely easy to use

Extremely easy to use and incredibly fast. In matter of minutes you can customize the whole store

Well supported and maintained

You will get free periodic updates (scheduled or not) and an outstanding premium 24/7 support

Over 700 Google Fonts

You have access to over 700 amazing Google Web Fonts to start customizing titles, buttons, etc.

Had an issue with a template that caused the Pimp to go on strike. Customer support was outstanding and it got Pimping again in no time. Really pleased with the service and speed of response.
hydraulic from Envato
on Customer Support

Pimp your WooCommrce today!

Start customizing your WooCommerce right now!

You can customise virtually everything like fonts (Google Fonts), colours, backgrounds, borders (including radius), line heights, letter spacing, paddings, and many more.

All those new styles can be applied to Add to Cart buttons, product titles, prices, badges etc., on default WooCommerce product listing pages (shop page, archives, etc.), WooCommerce widget listings (recently viewed products, products from categories, etc.) and the Cart page.

Make your life easier with PimpMyWoo!

Customize WooCommerce Today

Your business takes a lot of hard work and effort to build. We have created an amazing plugin that will help you manage your online shop appearance in just seconds, so you can run your business successfully. You won’t believe this incredible versatile and user friendly way to customize your WooCommerce online store, right at your your fingertips!

With PimpMyWoo you get the opportunity to finally have all your WooCommerce customization costs drop. With an investment of only $22, you can do yourself or one of your employees, the work that could easily take from your pocket at least few hundred dollars. Download PimpMyWoo and start lowering your customization costs today!
PimpMyWoo is a really powerful tool. In seconds, you can change the entire appearance of your online store, from colours and borders to fonts and backgrounds. You can also choose from over 700 available Google web fonts to set your titles and buttons appearance. You are just one click away, download PimpMyWoo now!
You deserve to enjoy your business and enjoy your life! Customizing your online shop can take you a lot of your energy (time, money, resources). Let PimpMyWoo handle this aspect of your online business. You will have more time for you. Enjoy it!
Make your life easier with PimpMyWoo - WooCommerce Customization Plugin
Customize your WooCommerce appearance and increase sales

Build an amazing experience with PimpMyWoo

The best year round tool that customises your online store appearance for the holidays: New Year's DayValentine's Day, St. Patrick's DayEaster Sunday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence DayLabor DayHalloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and other special occasions: Black Friday sales, Back to School sales and so on.

You can also use PimpMyWoo to style your online shop to match the current season or any other relevant event, such as major sport events: Super Bowl, Olympic Games, Formula One, FIFA Cup, etc. There is really no limit! Go for PimpMyWoo!

PimpMyWoo Screenshots

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Let PimpMyWoo take your online store to the next level

Start Customizing WooCommerce right now

PimpMyWoo can be used virtually by any online store owner and is designed and built for a wide range of online businesses, including small shops, small retail outlets, single/multiple-outlet retailers, large online businesses who sell thousands of physical, downloadable or affiliate based products. We offer tailored solutions to store owners of Audio/Photo, Fashion Accessories & Footwear, Fashion Apparel & Fabrics, Jewelry & Watches, Food & Beverages, Home Products, Auto Parts & Accessories, Beauty and Personal Care, Consumer Electronics, Electrical Equipment & Supplies, Furniture & Furnishings, Gifts & Crafts, Health & Medicines shops.

So, if you are just starting out or you are already an experienced seller, PimpMyWoo is here to help you get the most out of your online store!